Watch: Lee Brice Gets Sweet Delivery From 4-Year-Old Daughter

Lee Brice: "I love banana bread, and I love you"

Valentine’s Day came early for Lee Brice this week when his wife, Sara, helped his 4-year-old daughter, Trulee, deliver a tray of homemade treats to the country singer while he did some filming on his farm.

Brice shared video on social media of Trulee presenting him with the goodies and explained they looked so good that he thought Sara made them, when in fact Trulee was the chef on the sweet surprises.

“She’s so excited,” he explained as Trulee stood in the seat of the white SUV, the top half of her body hanging out the window. Dressed in pink pajamas with her hair in a partial bun on top of her head, the little girl tapped her father’s shoulder as he shared her thoughtful visit and asked her to tell him what she brought.

“This one is peanut butter, which is good,” she explained proudly in her tiny baby voice. “These ones are M&Ms,” she said moving over to the next cookie. “I don’t even know what these kind of donuts are or the bread is.”

“That’s banana bread,” Sara supplied. “You made that.”

“I love banana bread, and I love you,” Brice said as his daughter grinned.

Trulee is the couple’s youngest child and their only daughter. Lee and Sara are also parents to sons Takoda and Ryker.

When Brice isn’t in dad mode, he’s charting No. 1 hits. The country singer has had eight Billboard Country Airplay No. 1 songs including “One of Them Girls” and most recently “Memory I Don’t Mess With” and 12 Top 10 hits. He’s currently on tour.

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