CMT Premiere: Jessica Willis Fisher Incinerates Painful Memories in "Fire Song"

Jessica Willis Fisher appeared alongside her family in GAC's "The Willis Clan," TLC’s “The Willis Family” and on “America’s Got Talent”

Country music fans met Jessica Willis Fisher when she starred in two reality shows alongside her parents and 11 siblings called “The Willis Clan.”

The siblings were homeschooled, played in a family band and competed in dance competitions. They plastered smiles across their faces on stage to hide the horrors of their real lives. Their father, Toby Willis, was jailed in 2017 and sentenced to 40 years in prison for child rape. Fisher was one of his victims.

“Fire Song,” which she wrote with Grammy winner Jon Randall, is her story. The video, directed by Quinton Cook, brings “Fire Song” to life.

“This song was inspired by the darkest period of my life when I was struggling to face the fact that I needed to get out of a terrible situation,” Fisher says. “One part of me is singing to the rest of me, saying, ‘We need to get out before it’s too late!’ So, I actually play the two different parts of me in the video, and we eventually escape together at the end.”

Fisher said fire serves as the central analogy in the song’s lyrics, and she wanted the visuals in the video to deliver that sense of danger and drama.

“It takes courage to face the reality of a dark situation and honestly, it can get worse before it gets better,” Fisher says. “But you are worth the fight, and sometimes the only way to survive is to let everything burn to the ground and start over.”

Seeing an artistic interpretation of her story come to life in the music video was “surreal,” she says.

“It’s been a while since I had been on camera, so that’s always a little weird for me,” she explains. “I don’t love the gaze of the lens, but I love sharing my art and telling stories. I was super excited and grateful to be able to do this through this special video.”

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