CMT Premiere: Maggie Baugh Shares Deeply Personal Video for "Story to Tell"

Maggie Baugh: "Seeing it come to life on a screen was very emotional."

Maggie Baugh cried when she saw the new video for her song "Story to Tell." Because, she said, "Story to Tell" is her story.

"Seeing it come to life on a screen was very emotional," she said. "Seeing all of my at-home videos of my career, my family, little me made me very grateful for everything I have and have done up to this point."

"Story to Tell" is a heartfelt mid-tempo about how people want different things in life – a big bank account or to travel the world. As Baugh sings, home movies of her as a tiny child performing play, and fans can watch her musical dedication and progression throughout her life.

"What really brought this song to life was projecting at-home videos of my life on the sheet," she said, noting that a sheet hangs behind her to double as a projection screen. "Even though I am telling my story with my lyrics, now I get to actually show you my story. I get to show you what made me and where I came from! From my early life and career to where I am now, and everything in between!"

Lyrics include: "I guess you could say I am still writing mine, the pages ain't filled and the ink ain't dry and I, still got a damn good story to tell."

The singer loves that line and says it's her favorite scene in the music video.

"The backdrop switches from my early past to my present and shows videos of everything I have done in only the past year," she said. "The hidden message in doing this is to tell viewers that your life up to where you are now is what makes your story so special. Even though you might have your whole life ahead of you, everything you have done and accomplished is what makes you you."

Baugh said her favorite memory from the video shoot was building the backdrop, which included sheets and lights, and she did it all based on a vision and a few trips to Home Depot.

"It turned into something so magical after seeing it come to life on camera," she said. "There is nothing more special than having something you built and spent so much time on turn out to be what made the entire video what it is."

She hopes the video reminds viewers to live in the moment.

"Our priorities start to shift, and we get so focused on the materialistic things of the world," she said. "I'm not going to lie; I'm guilty too. But sometimes, all you truly need is a good story to tell. After watching this, I hope fans of all ages take a minute to reflect on their life and remember what is truly important to them. Whatever that may be."

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