Sam Hunt Takes Fans Inside The Songwriting Room in Instagram Video

Hunt also recently teamed with Sasha Sloan for the track "When Was It Over?"

Sam Hunt has been hard at work in the writing room, and he's letting fans in on one of his newest creations.

The "Breaking Up Was Easy In The '90s" singer recently shared an Instagram video clip of a writing session for a song that Hunt captioned with the phrase "Sometimes You Gotta Start Nowhere." The clip shows Hunt with an acoustic guitar, singing lines including I don't know but I've been told/moss don't grow on a rolling stone/me I wanna go where the river rolls and breathe in that old down-home feeling again.

"Trying out some new ideas on the guys," he also captioned the video. "We know how to gas each other up."

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That's not the only new music from the superstar, who recently collaborated with Sasha Sloan for the duet "When Was It Over?" Hunt and Sloan recently told Entertainment Weekly about working on the track, and how hit songwriter/producer Shane McAnally connected them.

"I heard your voice on a couple of things with Diplo and I was like, 'Who is this singing?' And then we got together to write, and I felt like we connected," Hunt told Sloan during a video interview. "I was really blown away with Sasha. You were out West at that time, and I have not done a lot of writes outside of Nashville, so you never know if it's going to be compatible, and it just felt like right off the bat there was a connection there, and it was awesome. And I remember talking to Shane not long after that and being like, 'You gotta meet Sasha. I feel like y'all would really hit it off.' And I think that was another thread that really helped."

Though Hunt has provided backing vocals for Carrie Underwood's "Heartbeat" and collaborated with Breland on a remix of "My Truck," but he told Entertainment Weekly that his Sloan duet is his first real collaboration.

"Yeah, this is the first real collaboration I've done. And I would be open to doing [more] collaborations. I haven't been against it, but the idea of just deciding to do a collaboration with an artist that you've never met or spent any time around, that you just don't know, and hoping for the best, maybe I'm just intimidated by that. When things come along organically, I'm a lot more comfortable with it, and it feels like it has a place and is more meant to be. And with Sasha and myself, that's the way it worked out. We weren't "aware" of each other, and we didn't say, "Hey, let's do a collaboration together because it'll check these boxes," you know. "We think it might be a good idea." It happened without that intention, which feels more natural. And so, I've just followed that approach so far."

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