Miranda Lambert Reveals How Fireside "Freakouts" Inspired 'The Marfa Tapes'

"That was one of those 'That's why we write songs' moments," the "Bluebird" vocalist says

In a recent interview with Apple Music Country's Kelleigh Bannen, Miranda Lambert discussed a wild "freakout" that occurred as she was writing the haunting early favorite "Ghost," from her just-released and eagerly-anticipated Marfa Tapes project with her frequent collaborators Jon Randall and Jack Ingram.

"We didn't have the hook at all. We just had these really cool metaphors and a melody. It kept wrapping itself up with the chorus, but there was no hook. I don't know. It felt like a lifetime waiting for it to come out of the air," says the "Bluebird" vocalist.

"We were stuck," Randall continues. "We were sitting around a fire, and we were playing the song over and over. It never had that thing, whether it's a hook or just something to make it real. That's when she just goes, 'And heaven knows I ain't afraid of ghosts.' I started freaking out."

Ingram and Lambert call Randall's moment of wild spontaneity more him "dancing around" and "running like a dog" than anything else. Lambert fondly adds, "That was one of those 'That's why we write songs' moments, when it hurts a little for a long while, then finally gives you some relief."

Lambert's currently celebrating her new release by not slowing down. At present, there's potentially a new release from her Pistol Annies side project with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. Plus, she's also overseeing the development of her forthcoming downtown Nashville tacos and tequila spot, Casa Rosa, and in the midst of building a new home to accompany the farm that she bought an hour southwest of Nashville for $3.4 million in 2016.

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