Cam Does Not Heart the iHeart Nominee List

Can Someone Mansplain This to the Women of Country?

When the iHeart Awards released their list of nominees for the country artist of the year award, it was the usual suspects: Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

But even though there were no surprises there, there was a reaction. Here is what Cam had to say upon seeing the list of nominees.

"The majority of country listeners are female (actually true) but apparently we prefer listening male singers so we can 'dream about them being (our) boyfriend' (actually said to me)," Cam remarked on Twitter when she retweeted the list of male nominees from an iHeart country radio station.

"Sure hope #iHeartAwards picks the hottest one," she said, "cause that's all my lady-brain can understand!"

It was her sarcastic way of saying #TimesUp, without really saying, "Time's up."

Diane by Cam on VEVO.

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