6 Questions We Hope Are Answered in 'Nashville' Season Six

All the Reasons to Watch the Jan. 4 Premiere

The wait is almost over, Nashies!

With only two days left until Nashville's season six premiere on Thursday (Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT), we got to thinking about the many questions left unanswered from season five. Here are six top questions we had going into the farewell season.

What does the future hold for Highway 65 Records?

Deacon Claybourne and Highway 65's Zach Welles have apparently come to a mutual understanding regarding the future of the record label. "We will see less of Zach trying to take hold of Highway 65 and steer it toward his own vision," actor Cameron Scoggins (Zach) tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown. Charles Esten (Deacon) adds, "All the different problems that Zach and Deacon were having, they worked through them, and they found a place where they were communicating better."

How will Scarlett and Gunnar handle going solo now that The Exes are no more?

While Scarlett is on a mission to find herself, Gunnar is having a hard time navigating the next chapter of his career. Sam Palladio (Gunnar) tells Hot 20, "He's dealing with this [question of], is he a good songwriter? Can he do it without Scarlett? It feels strange to be onstage without her."

Can Will and Zach reconcile after their season five split?

Breaking up is hard to do, and it's even harder when you're supposed to be working together. "They're going to see each other, so it will be interesting to see throughout the season what develops with that relationship," Scoggins says.

Will Deacon move on with Jessie?

In season five, Jessie says goodbye to Deacon, leaving fans wondering where their relationship will go. "You can tell there's some sort of attraction or some sort of draw towards each other," Esten says. "But there's also just as much confusion about what does this mean?"

How will Maddie and Daphne react to Deacon and Jessie's relationship?

Apparently, Daphne is not OK with them being together, but both sisters only want what's best for Deacon's heart. "I think if it was the perfect person, Maddie and Daphne would be happy for him," Lennon Stella (Maddie) says. "Right now I think they're both not ready for that at all."

And finally, will Juliette and Avery get their happy ending?

Jonathan Jackson (Avery) hopes so. "I would love for Avery and Juliette to find a way to make it and be happy," Jackson tells Hot 20. "I think they complement each other well, and the audience is rooting for them as well so it would be great if they were able to make it."

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