LISTEN: Blake Shelton Takes an Honest Look at Faith and Struggle on "Bible Verses"

Shelton's upcoming album 'Body Language' releases May 21

Blake Shelton returns with an introspective look at faith and spiritual struggles on his new single, "Bible Verses," which releases today. In the new song, Shelton shares the struggle to reconcile life choices with faith each time he opens the Bible. As he sings in the track, he longs for a moment when it feels like those apostles are giving me the Gospel and not the third degree/I just want it to read like bible verses and not the bible versus me.

The song was written by three newcomer songwriters—Joe Fox, Andrew Peebles and Brett Sheroky.

"No matter where you are in your faith, there are times you feel like you just don't measure up. 'Bible Verses' is an honest take on that conflict but, without preaching too much, it's hopeful that everything will all work out in the end." Shelton said via a press release.

The track is the latest release from Shelton's upcoming album Body Language, set for May 21, and follows his No. 1 hit with Gwen Stefani, "Happy Anywhere," as well as "Minimum Wage."

"Bible Verses" is the latest of a few tracks from Shelton that have hinted at faith, such as his No. 1 hits "God's Country," "God Gave Me You" as well as his 2016 release "Savior's Shadow."

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