OFFSTAGE: Jason Aldean Was Nervous to Sing With Kelly Clarkson

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Even after all of his own musical accomplishments, Jason Aldean admits he was nervous about recording "Don't You Wanna Stay." Not because of the song itself but because of who he was singing it with. "Anybody who says they wouldn't be nervous to try and go note for note with a vocalist like Kelly Clarkson is straight up lying to you," Aldean said during a recent radio interview. He did get over his case of the jitters, though, and made that song the big hit it is today. "On a serious note, I am really proud of this song, so I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment to have pulled it off in the studio and on live TV with her. And then for everyone else to have responded to it the way they did ... it's just incredible, and you never take those things for granted."

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