Keith Urban Says Girls Reach for Disney, iPod and Guitars

Keith Urban's daughters are still a little young to be choosing a career path. And Urban himself is a bit of reluctant proud father, bragging only about his two girls when he is pushed to do so. But after a recent conference call with Urban, it's pretty obvious he has created two little music lovers.

"Well, they love 'Let It Go,' of course," Urban admitted about the Academy Award-winning song from the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. "Right now, that's the No. 1 song."

Urban added that Sunday and Faith really do like all sorts of songs.

"They tend to just sing to whatever is on the radio. We play the radio a lot in the car, and they respond to different things, but up-tempo things they particularly love," he said.

And when the radio's not on, the iPod probably is.

"Sunday is 5 and a-half and Faith is 3, so you never know what they are going to be cranking in their room," he said. "They have an iPod in their room that they play a lot, so I love that there is music coming from their bedroom all the time."

So it's probably safe to say there is a lot of music appreciation going on in Urban's house. But it also sounds like there might be some music lessons. Even some very early, beginner-level ones. When Urban was asked if he was teaching Faith to play the guitar, he laughed a little before admitting that he kind of is.

"I don't know if I really am teaching her to play guitar, but she can sort of mimic a little bit of what I am doing strumming-wise," he said. "That's really what I am trying to teach her. She's only 3. But what I love is how she gravitates towards the guitar. She's got a little pink guitar. She will go get it and hold it, and she sits with it right, and she strums with it right, and I hope she keeps going with that because it does seem to be something that she reaches for."

Sounds like it won't be long now before Faith has her own imaginary band. I wonder how Urban will feel if she paints the band's name on their garage?

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