Randy Houser Brings Sizzlin' Shenanigans in New Single

"We Went" Has Drive and Energy That Make You Want to Move

Tearing up fences, jumping ditches, running from the cops. What kind of shenanigans is Randy Houser up to in his new single?

The sizzling, fun, might-get-you-into-trouble summertime kind of shenanigans, that’s what kind.

The singer’s new release, “We Went,” has officially debuted at country radio and is a pretty fine indication that Houser is ready to crank it up and take his career to the next level.

But this should come as a shock to no one. Houser’s career has long been moving in that pinnacle direction. His previous album How Country Feels was a smash and delivered great songs-turned-hits like the title track, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” “Goodnight Kiss” and “Like a Cowboy.”

And this new single is looking like the one that could have the train pulling into that station once again for the singer. It has drive, it has big energy, it makes you move, it makes you want to climb into the cab of that truck and help Houser kick up a little dust to outrun the cops.

Which makes it a perfect addition to Houser’s set as he prepares to join his buddy Luke Bryan’s Kick the Dust Up tour this summer. If we’re lucky, we might get to hear it live during the show.

The single officially becomes available for purchase and streaming on May 18. Houser is working on a new album expected be released later this year.

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