Kelsea Ballerini Spills Some Tea on Recent Flight

"It’s the Music That Puts Us on a First Name Basis," She Reveals in Q&A

Social media definitely has its share of haters. But one thing you can never ever hate about it is when a celebrity jumps on Twitter to do a spontaneous Q&A with fans.

And in this case, it was Kelsea Ballerini telling her nearly one million followers that she was on a plane and ready to chat. "I’m on a know what that means... hit me with your album questions and I’ll respond to 10 (so I don’t spill too much tea and get in trouble," Ballerini wrote on Monday (March 2).

The mile-high Q&A session about her upcoming album Kelsea -- due out March 20 -- went something like this:

Q. Out of the ones that have not been released, which one is your favorite?

A. "Half of my Hometown" with Kenny (Chesney). It makes me emotional every time I try to sing it or play it for someone. It’s about the tug of war of wanting to leave and then wanting to go back and as I get older appreciating it more.

Q. Which song are you most excited to perform live?


Q. Tell us something about you and Halsey writing "The Other Girl"?

A. The day Ash* put her angel vocals on "The Other Girl," I played her "Homecoming Queen" and she played me "You Should Be Sad."

* Halsey's real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane.

Q. Can you give us a lyric from “Love Me Like A Girl”?

A. "The truth is me and you, we’re wired different. So it makes sense sometimes we get crossed."

Q. Any love songs for Morgan (Evans) on the album?

A. Welp, I hate love songs, but there are 2 fun ones on there. (She does indeed hate them.)

Q. How needy is "Needy"?

A. "Needy" is the realization that you can still be independent and need someone. It doesn’t mean you’re codependent, it means you love and trust them.

Q. Can you tell us a little about "Overshare," the opening track?

A. It will make you laugh, it’s quirky, but the hook is deeper than you expect. It also talked about my CUTE DOG DIBS.

Q. What was your reasoning behind choosing the title name?

A. While I was writing and making this album, I was also coming up for air for the first time in 6 years. I was re-getting to know myself. You hear a lot of that throughout the record. It’s the music that puts us on a first name basis.

Q. What is your go-to routine to deal with anxiety?

A. This is a new one for me. Growing up talking about anxiety was really taboo. But I realized it’s very real and something I struggle with often. I go to therapy. I call people I trust. I take moments for myself to shut the door and get my head right. I really value boundaries.

Q. How would you describe the album in 3 words?

A. Self aware, dynamic, authentic

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