Maren Morris La-di-das Her Way to "Rich"

Crowds Never Let Go of the Fan-Favorite

When I listen to an album I love, I always wonder why nobody asked me to pick the singles. Like why should record label executives have all the fun?

Apparently, Maren Morris agrees with that voice in my head. In a kind of revolutionary move, she let her fans have the final say on what her follow-up to "I Could Use a Love Song" should be, and they chose "Rich."

"'Rich' feels like the perfect, confident, laugh-the-B.S.-off-with-your-friends kind of song to go into spring with," Morris said of the song she co-wrote with Jessie Jo Dillon and Laura Veltz.

"More importantly, 'Rich' is the first time we've really let fans pick the single, so it was a no-brainer to make it my final single from HERO," she said.

And how did she know how much her fans loved the song? She heard from them every night on tour. "I remember from the first headline tour I did over a year ago, everyone in the crowd was singing the chorus so loud that I was completely stunned," she said of the infectious lyrics that effortlessly rhyme "Prada" with "water," and "Mandarin" with "gambling."

"From the Bowery in New York City to Shepherds Bush Empire in London, my fans grabbed ahold of 'Rich' and never let go," she shared, "so I wanted my debut album to go out with a bang! This is for them."

Rich by Maren Morris on VEVO.

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