CMT PREMIERE: Nate Smith Showcases His Goofy Side In Comedic New Video "Whiskey On You"

Nate Smith said he "laughed so hard" the first time he saw the video for "Whiskey on You"

Sony Music Nashville newcomer Nate Smith shows off his sense of humor – and his stage presence – in his new video for “Whiskey on You” that debuted today.

Written by Smith, Lindsay Rimes and Russell Sutton and produced by Rimes, “Whiskey on You” is about moving on from a dead relationship. The video, that was directed and produced by Chris Ashlee, combines a string of live shots with over-the-top laughable scenes to paint of picture of Smith that reveals a dynamic performer who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The video begins with shots of Smith’s band rehearsing in a basement as his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend charges angrily down the stairs screaming profanities.

The rest of the clip is Smith trying to avoid her – and keep her away from him.

“The music video really captures the overall energy of the song,” says the California native. “The song feels fun, so we made the video fun! It was my favorite music video to film yet!”

In one scene, the band spills out of a van in a cloud of smoke, which wasn’t as fun as it looks, Smith said.

“We used this baby oil smoke machine that smelled horrible (to create the smoke),” he said. “So we would do the takes in intervals! I hope fans get a sense of my goofy side. I’m really a big dork!”

Smith says he’s thrilled with the way to video turned out.

“I laughed so hard the first time I saw the video,” he says. “It really all came together nicely! Chris Ashlee did a phenomenal job!”

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