NEEDTOBREATHE Spark Happy Memories With Carrie Underwood Duet "I Wanna Remember"

The band are still "surprised by the incredible opportunities [they] get to share our music with new listeners"

In describing the process of shooting the video for their latest video for "I Wanna Remember," the band notes to, "We did all of the live performance shots with Carrie in a warehouse and Gus shot the narrative downtown. It was actually the first time we had ever played the song together with Carrie so we were equal parts excited and nervous. She is the ultimate pro and made the video shoot easy and super fun."

The band from Seneca, South Carolina, comprised of Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt, and Josh Lovelace, also note, "we’ve been a band for a pretty long time, we are still surprised by the incredible opportunities we get to share our music with new listeners. To have someone like Carrie Underwood on this song is an absolute honor for us. This video was a blast to make and we are really thrilled with how it turned out."

In regards to the video's greater meaning, the band offered the following statement:

"Life is fleeting. Moments are here and then they are gone in an instant. We hope this song can be a soundtrack to some epic life moments for people in all walks of life. Whether it’s walking down the aisle for your wedding, graduating college, or crossing something off the bucket list, we’d be honored if 'I Wanna Remember' was a part of it." They also add, "Through CMT and Carrie’s loyal fans, we hope to welcome some more friends into the NEEDTOBREATHE fan family and hopefully see some new faces on the road this fall."

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