Miranda Lambert Visits ACM Pressroom

She Discusses Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood

LAS VEGAS -- Miranda Lambert picked up her fourth ACM award for female vocalist on Sunday night (April 7), yet she spent most of her time in the pressroom praising other notable women in country music.

"I can't comprehend anything that's happening right now. I actually voted for, and I was rooting for Carrie [Underwood]. I am such a fan of hers, and I am so jealous of her voice and her legs," Lambert said.

"And I can't believe that last night I saw Shania Twain -- and Faith Hill introduced me to Shania Twain. In my 12-year-old wildest dreams, that would have never happen in the whole world. So I've been over-stimulated since then," she added with a giggle.

In addition, Lambert won three other trophies for "Over You" -- two in the song category (as performer and co-writer) and one in the single category. These wins bring her ACM career total to 15.

Lambert co-wrote "Over You" with her husband and awards show co-host Blake Shelton. During his acceptance speech, with Lambert at his side, he extolled her talent as a songwriter. Lambert said she was so surprised by the comments, she didn't know what to say.

"I was actually shocked at the really nice things he said," she stated. "Not because he doesn't say nice things, but just to blurt that out to everybody, for the whole world. He's never told me that, so I heard it for the first time like everybody else. I didn't really have anything to follow up with, so I just said, 'Enough said.'"

Fielding a question about balancing a music career and marriage, Lambert answered, "You know, it's not easy all the time being on the other side of the country, traveling and all that. But when you get to celebrate moments like this together, and when you go through the hard stuff together, those are the moments that actually count. All the rest is fluff," she said.

"Like I always say, my mom said to my dad, 'Divorce is not an option.' So we really love each other and have a real marriage outside of all of this. When this is all said and done, we will be drinking a beer together on a front porch somewhere, reminiscing about the good old days. That's what I'm happy about," she added.

Asked about her own songwriting influences, Lambert replied, "My dad was actually a singer-songwriter. I grew up listening to his songs. As I grew older, he would sing his songs around the campfire, and he would also sing Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe and Guy Clark and Jerry Jeff Walker. I couldn't tell the difference sometimes if it was one of their songs or one of my dad's. So I just think I loved songwriting so much since then. It's in my blood."

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