CMT Premiere: Alana Springsteen Calls Out Ex-Boyfriend In “Trust Issues” Music Video

Alana Springsteen: “I hope it takes you on a journey. I think everything happens for a reason, no matter how heartbroken you get.”

Exhaling a deep breath was challenging for fast-rising country star Alana Springsteen, who once had a breakup heavily weighing on her heart. Songwriters Sasha Alex Sloan, Jessie Jo Dillon, and Nick Bailey helped place Springsteen’s broken heart back together – allowing her to take the sigh of relief she was longing for.

Springsteen told CMT that she had to build the courage to step into the songwriting session for “Trust Issues.” Getting to a vulnerable place was easier than she thought, as her long-time collaborators created a safe space. “Trust Issues” serves as a sneak peek into her forthcoming project “History of Breaking Up (Part Two),” which is set to drop on July 15.

“That song to me was one of the hardest on this project to write,” Springsteen declared. “It was about a guy who broke my heart last year, and for a while, I was just processing. It hurt to talk about it, it hurt to think about it, and I couldn’t imagine diving into all of those feelings. I don’t know what it was about that room, and sometimes I just feel an energy, and I was like, ‘today is the day,’” she recalled.

Springsteen has proved to be wise beyond her years with “Trust Issues,” as she managed to turn her heartache into a fearless breakup banger.

“It was just four friends in a room talking about their feelings, sharing, and helping each other through it,” she explained. “Lines that we would say out loud, we were just like, ‘maybe that’s a verse? Let’s put it in the song.’ We were really getting down to the heart of it and not being afraid to go deep,” she added with confidence.

Although songwriting has become a form of therapy for the promising new artist, Springsteen exclusively shared that other coping mechanisms helped her move on from the toxic relationship, which she now considers a blessing in disguise.

The singer turned to world-renowned video producer and director David Bradley to bring her roller-coaster-like emotions to life.

“I’m generally a pretty introverted person. Especially when it comes to healing and heartbreak. I process things internally and what you see in this video is how I dealt with the aftermath of this breakup,” says Springsteen. “I’ll go get a coffee, take a walk, sit somewhere with a sunset view and just think. There’s so much I learned about myself through this relationship, and it took a lot of alone time to get to a place where I could write about it with Sasha, Jessie Jo, and Nick. My hope is that the angst of that experience comes through.”

After placing her heart on the line and reflecting on the shattered romance – the poise vocalist took back her true identity, that she believes was lost during the relationship.

“Honestly, this is pretty deep, but I think I learned how easy it is to change for somebody,” she stressed. “More than ever, just learning to trust my gut and my instincts through everything. Also, just learning how strong I am and how much freedom there is in being vulnerable. The deeper I go, and the more honest I get with these songs, the freer I feel.”

Although the breakout star has come to terms with new profound confidence, she hopes her devoted listeners struggling to trust again recognizes that they are not alone after watching the music video.

“Healing and processing can look different for everyone, and that’s okay. We all deal with guilt, shame, and regret, but finding healthy ways of feeling the feelings and coming out the other side stronger is most important,” Springsteen emphasized. “This is what that process looked like for me, but whatever helps you figure things out in a healthy way is what you should do. That and that coffee, jeeps, and Nashville sunsets are the best.”

The emerging artist said that Bradley perfectly captured her healing process. As Springsteen delivers the gut-punching lyrics that showcase her addicting, yet explosive vocals – she visits Nashville hot spots that bring her peace and joy.

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“This is one of my favorite videos we’ve shot. It feels very “me.” I wanted those sunset shots to be very cinematic and lost it when I saw them for the first time. There’s a shot at the beginning where you can see my reflection in a puddle that I love,” said the Virginia Beach native. “David got super artistic with some of it, and it made all the difference. I also loved getting to sit on top of the jeep overlooking the Nashville skyline. Those shots turned out so sick with the blurred-out lights of the Batman building and skyline in the background.”

Trust Issues” is just one chapter in her story conveyed in her upcoming collection. The eight-track project is not only infused with life lessons and untold tales, but it is also a letter to other twenty-something-year old’s navigating the harsh reality of dating.

“I hope it takes you on a journey. I think everything happens for a reason, and no matter how heartbroken you get or how bad it gets along the way, we all just learn something about ourselves through everything – good or bad.”

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