Rascal Flatts Find an Unlikely Ally

Bob Lefsetz isn't known for being a big fan of mainstream country music ... although he did like a Luke Bryan song once. One of the music industry's most outspoken commentators, his blog is widely read by executives and artists alike.

Legend has it that one of his blogs prompted Taylor Swift to write "Mean," but now he likes Rascal Flatts' new single.

In his Lefsetz Letter blog, he says Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney tracked him down and asked him to listen to "Rewind."

At first, his analysis of the song isn't all good. Too pedestrian, too this, too that.

"It's got that good-timey lyric like Little Big Town's 'Pontoon,'" Lefsetz says in a way that makes it unclear whether he thinks that's a good or a bad thing. "Oh, it's more introspective than that, but there's the lowest common denominator reference to George Strait, and it's hard not to believe a bunch of people were sitting in a room trying to write a hit."

But here's what he loves about it:

"Some rules are immutable. If you want to have a hit, you've got to have a hook, something that makes our bodies jump and want to sing along," he writes. He adds, "'Rewind' has got the Beatle basics. The great vocal, the great chorus, the great harmonies. The only thing it's lacking is a delectable bridge."

He adds that what it comes down to is "that chorus and Gary LeVox's vocal."

Lefsetz is quick to point out that LeVox isn't the only reason the single is good.

"Not to minimize the contributions of Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus, it's just that ... too many people believe they can make it without the talent, without the goods, without the ability to SING!"

It's too bad the band is heading to Dublin and London for a couple of tour dates because it sounds like Lefsetz really wants to attend a Rascal Flatts show. He says this one song "makes me want to go to the gig, throw my fist in the air and sing along."

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