Finally, Keith Urban and Foy Vance Meet in (Almost) Real Life

The Man Behind "Burden" Invites Urban to Join Him for The Vinyl Sessions

Remember when Keith Urban went for a two-hour bike ride around London in 2019 and discovered “Burden,” by Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance? And then Urban performed the song on the Academy of Country Music Awards? And then Vance tweeted about it?

Back then, Urban had explained that he was talking about Vance with Ed Sheeran and then listened to his music non-stop the next day. And then he went back to Nashville, heard the Vance song "Burden," and knew he had to give it a go.

“The brevity of the song spoke to me as someone that has needed to hear that in my life and needed to hear that offered to me. I love songs that speak to the human condition of struggle and the idea that it’s okay, I can help you…let me carry your burden,” Urban said at the time.

And now it's Vance's turn to sing Urban's praises. He invited Urban to join him on his new video podcast The Vinyl Supper. You can watch the half-hour conversation about their shared love of having dogs on the road, being an opening act, Willie Nelson, sour cream and banana sandwiches, his late father's struggles with sobriety and much, much more.

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