Can We All Just Resolve to Post More Posts Like This?

Jason Aldean's Little Ones Are Our Idols for 2020

In a sea of hate and negativity and politics and shaming, it's so nice just to see this on social media: two siblings simply being good to one another.

So if you're thinking about what kind of New Year's resolution to make when 2020 rolls around on Wednesday (Jan. 1), consider a commitment to making your social media posts as feel-good as this one from Jason Aldean's wife Brittany.

The only stars of this video are the Aldean's two youngest children, Memphis and Navy.

Memphis, 2, is sharing a snack with his little sister Navy, who is not quite 12 months old yet. There's not much audio other than Memphis telling Navy, "Eat it," and the background music of Post Malone's "Wow."

It's only about 30 seconds long, but it's enough to show the world that family is everything, that sharing means caring, and that sometimes you're just born to love each other.

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