Eli Young Band Has the Ultimate Friday Flashback

"Break It In" Is the Reminder We All Need: Things Are Even Better Broken In

The guys who make up the Eli Young Band -- Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones and Chris Thompson -- have faces that will always look eternally youthful to me.

But their new song proves that they have indeed gotten a little older and a little wiser, but they've aged well. So, so well.

The video for "Break It In" is the perfect Friday Flashback. Wait. Make that the perfect flashback for 20 years of Fridays. It allows you to go back in time, but also to soak up how far they've come from the photos and amateur videos they held onto for the past two decades, since Eli and Young first met at the University of North Texas. And nothing is held back. It spotlights their very early gigs on very small stages, allowing you to watch how the crowds literally get bigger and bigger with every passing show. (And it also allows you recall all the hairstyles Eli has had in those 20 years. We're looking at you, frosted tips.)

“We definitely didn't just start a band and have instant success," the band shared in a press release. "We’ve continued to build it up over the years -- we broke it in.

"We’ve been blessed to have had our moments of being able to sit back and soak it all in. ‘Break It In’ carries a message you learn with time, and we’re so excited for these lyrics to be heard far and wide!”

The song was written by Benjy Davis, Brandon Day, Daniel Ross and Michael Whitworth.

The band has five more dates scheduled for 2019, before they start things up again with a tour that runs from January through July on 2020.

Another way to see just how much the Eli Young Band has broken it in is to spend some time with their older videos.

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