Eli Young Band Releases Powerful Video for "Love Ain't"

This Military Couple Redefines the Meaning of True Love

We’ve all heard it said that, “love is a many splendored thing,” which couldn’t be truer, could it? It’s many things, and it’s often hard to define.

Eli Young Band knows that sometimes it’s easier to start by naming what love “ain’t” instead of what love is, which is exactly what the guys do in their new single. And this powerful new video they’ve released couldn’t be a more beautiful example of real love.

Military veteran Taylor Morris’ life was moving along just like anyone else’s -- with one exceptional difference, that Morris was deployed and serving his country overseas. He had his family, friends and his girlfriend, Danielle, waiting back home.

But then the unimaginable happened. Morris was injured during an explosion in Afghanistan that left him a quadruple amputee; an incident that would forever change his future and the futures of everyone in his life, including Danielle.

But tragedy nor distance could keep her away from her love, and she’s been right by his side every step of the way in his recovery. And to Mike Eli, that is the very definition of the feeling so hard to really define.

“We first learned about Taylor and Danielle a couple of years ago, and there is no doubt their story speaks to what love is,” Eli said in a statement.

“When thinking about their story and the deeper meaning in this song -- how important love is and to know what love ain’t -- we knew the video should reflect that.”

The incredible journey we see in this emotional video takes this couple through intense physical therapy, to recovery, to marriage and happiness, and it will move you to tears as it inspires you.

Their story and the stories of others like them are extra special and vital to band members James Young, Chris Thompson, Jon Jones and Eli, who all have family members in the military.

The launch of “Love Ain’t” supports the Wounded Warrior Project which brings assistance, encouragement and hope to veterans in need, and their families and caregivers.

On behalf of our family, we would like to send our sincerest gratitude and love to the veterans who fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and to the loved ones at home who still grieve their losses. May you be celebrated every day, especially on Memorial Day.

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