WATCH: Thomas Rhett's Daughter, Willa Gray, Showcases Her "First Song"

Rhett's five-year-old daughter crafts a country-trap ballad about playing with her friends

While awaiting the birth of what is expected to be he and his wife, Lauren Akins' fourth daughter, Thomas Rhett is experiencing some other heartwarming family moments. Recently, via Instagram, he shared the first musical moment by his adopted daughter, 5-year-old Willa Gray.

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While sitting with his daughter, the singer asks what she would like to name the composition. After Willa whispers to her father, he laughs, "You wrote it! What do you wanna call it?" Upon agreeing on the title "Willa Gray's First Song," they start singing over a track with a mid-tempo beat, featuring lyrics about Willa wanting to play with her friends, and how afterward they "can spend the night with [the Akins']," and a hook featuring Willa singing, "You don't have to do nothing for yourself."

Regarding other songs that may have inspired both Rhett and his daughter's songwriting process, in an interview on the 2021 CMT Awards' red carpet, he offered a thought about an intriguing place: Disney films. “It makes me a creative writer. If I only listened to what was happening on country radio right now, I might just keep writing the same thing. But when I hear the Frozen or Coco soundtracks, I get weird inspiration from them. I think that the wider you let your brain [be expanded], the farther you can expand your own genre. In general, watching my kids be hilarious and cute and living life while hearing those songs has given me so many ideas.”

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