Is Miranda Lambert's Mutt Love Contagious?

Dierks Bentley Brings Goose -- His Third Dog -- Home from NYC

Doesn't it seem like Miranda Lambert has finally gotten through to all of her Nashville friends? Or is her love for all rescue dogs somehow contagious?

Shortly after she posted a gallery of five pictures of her with her dogs on Wednesday (July 31), wishing everyone a Happy National Mutt Day, other country artists were getting on her bandwagon. "Honestly when I search 'dog' in my phone 1,396 pictures come up," Lambert admitted. "(Not to mention horses, kitties and bunnies)."

That message of mutt love is one Lambert has been sending for years: rescue dogs make the best dogs. She even partnered with her mom Bev in 2009 to start the MuttNation Foundation to shine the spotlight on rescue animals and shelters.

Anyway, back to today on Today. Dierks Bentley, a longtime dog lover, shared on Thursday morning after his New York City performance, that he, too, had a new pup in his life. The video shows Bentley holding the new guy like a baby, explaining how he already has two dogs at home. But still. "I mean, come on," Bentley says, "How can you say no to that?"

"Well.... the last thing I was expecting to happen today. But feel like it was meant to be. Welcome to the family Goose/Garrett (there was some confusion on which of the brothers he was....). That’s a wrap on @todayshow. Thanks....I think?! Off to @petco and then meet up with #burningmantour," Bentley posted.

Earlier this week, Chase Rise showed off a couple pictures of the new girl in his life, Rosie.

And Kelsea Ballerini is still in the honeymoon phase with her new man, Dibs. (And she also had a backstage puppy party when her tour made a stop in Bismarck recently and we're not over it that we weren't there.)

Which country artists do you think are ready for more mutts?

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