EXCLUSIVE: Luke Bryan Says He Wants to Video Chat with You

"For a Great Cause, You Have a Chance to Win a One-on-One Virtual Meet & Greet with Me"

Starting on Monday morning (July 6), the American Red Cross and KPentertainment have joined forces for a fundraiser that's custom made for country fans. You just donate to the Red Cross, and you have the chance to win a virtual video call with your choice of six artists.

You can sign up for a one-on-one video chat with Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Jon Langston, Whitney Duncan, Dylan Scott and new country duo CB30.

When you make a monetary donation to the Red Cross here, you will be entered to win a one-minute, one-on-one virtual video chat with the artist you love the most. And you can enter multiple times to increase your chances. For example, for $10 you can enter 10 times, for $25 you can enter 30 times, for $50 you can enter 75 times, and for just $100, you can enter 200 times.

Those are very good odds. And because the artists are just as excited about connecting with fans as the fans are, this is definitely a win-win situation.

“I’m excited to be joining the American Red Cross to raise funds to provide urgent relief for those who need it the most," Bryan told "For a great cause, you have a chance to win a one-on-one virtual meet and greet with me. Your donations will help those who need food, shelter and care after a disaster. Look forward to meeting you soon."

In a press release, Swindell added, "American Red Cross is always one of the first to respond, or show up, when a natural disaster or tragedy strikes. They haven’t stopped during this unprecedented pandemic and always do so much to help meet needs across the country."

All of the winners will be selected at random, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you'll get a code to use when you sign up for a reservation for your video chat on the Looped app.

Here is the schedule of when each artists' calls will be open for entries:

Cole Swindell

July 6 – 10

Dylan Scott

July 13 – 17


July 20 – 24

Whitney Duncan

July 27 – 31

Jon Langston

August 3 – 7

Luke Bryan

August 10 – 14

The funds raised will support the Red Cross mission, including helping hospital patients who need critical blood every two seconds, people who need food, shelter and care after disasters of all sizes, military families who need emergency assistance, people who rely on others to save their lives with skills like first aid and CPR, and communities worldwide that need humanitarian aid.

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