Tim McGraw Raised Kids on Little River Band

"Lonesome Loser" Was His Go-To Beach Song

I did not see this one coming.

Tim McGraw, in a conversation with his label about some of his favorite albums of all time, chose one that I think I wore out a few decades ago. At least, I know I wore out my 45s.

"I love the Little River Band," McGraw said of the Australian soft-rock group most popular in the late 70s. "I mean, it reminds me of the beach, for some reason. That’s one I would play for my kids when they were little. Every time I’d pull the boat into the beach, I’d play ‘Lonesome Loser’ as loud as I could."

How cool of McGraw to admit that his influences have not been that strict diet of Haggard, Jennings and Jones that so many artists claim they've been on since birth.

He added that he has about 20 favorite albums, and would have to put the Eagles' Greatest Hits near the top of the list.

"But, boy it’d be hard because there’s some Merle Haggard albums that would be up there, and George Strait albums that would be up there," he said.

And don't think for a second that he forget about his talented family.

"Breathe is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, so that would have to be in there," he said. "Probably at the top of that would be Gracie McGraw’s album, when she records it finally. So that would probably be one of my greatest albums, favorite albums of all time for sure."

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