'Still The King' Recap: 'Mother Trucker'

Go Big, or Go Home

Laura Beth (Lacey Chabert), head of the church booster committee, bursts into Vernon's room with urgent news. She explains that an informant has brought something top secret to her attention. This makes Vernon very nervous. Is he busted for posing as a preacher?

She goes on to say that Saturday is the Parade of Churches, and the informant told her that last year’s winning church is doing a Noah’s Arc float with real animals. This means they’ve got to step up their build.

But Saturday won’t work for Vernon because he's got plans to attend Slap Fighter 3: Legends of the Slap Masters -- it has been on his calendar all year.

The coordinator thinks he’s kidding and laughs it off.

As the laughter dies down, an older woman enters the room with gusto. Turns out, she's Vernon's estranged truck-driver mother, Ruthie.

After Vernon and Ruthie exchange niceties in her semi truck, Ruthie insists on meeting her granddaughter. But first, Vernon wants to Charlotte before the meeting -- she can be a little shy.

“Wait, that’s my grandma?” Charlotte says in excitement as she rushes over to grandma’s truck.

Meanwhile in the boot store, Walt spots the man he thought was Bigfoot asking for a size 24EE. When Walt realizes it’s the same size as a Bigfoot, the hunt is back on.

Back at the church, Ruthie encourages the church float team to build a bigger Jonah and The Whale float than they already have. So they plan to build a giant whale where Vernon will play the part of Jonah.

To Charlotte's surprise, Ruthie is nowhere to be found but the note she left behind. She skipped town as Vernon predicted. Charlotte is very disappointed.

Moments later, Starman enters the building with his tail between his legs. He begs Vernon to take him back as his manager, but Vernon refuses, and this sends Starman into a rage.

As the Parade of Churches begins, Starman attempts to murder Vernon with a harpoon. Vernon decides to assuage the situation with flattery -- Starman is a sucker for compliments.

Starman eats it up, and lets his guard down -- there will be no whale hunting today.

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