OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Soars Above Emily Maynard in Gomez-Gracia Dress

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

What do people have against Emily Maynard? She seems to be getting all kind of flak for her Bachelorette ways. (Although, I personally was thrilled when she went "West Virginia hood rat backwoods" on Kalon's ass. But that's another story.) But now, she doesn't even stand a chance in this race against Carrie Underwood. Underwood wore a stunning Gomez-Gracia neck-to-toe sparkling column dress to the Grammys earlier this year, and then Maynard wore it this week in the reality show's Croatia episode. She'd even told InStyle magazine, "I immediately knew I wanted to wear the white Gomez-Gracia dress I had been saving for somewhere really special. I absolutely adore Carrie Underwood, so the fact that she wore this dress to the Grammys made me love it that much more!" Currently, on People's Stylewatch site, Underwood has 86 percent of the votes. Go add your own vote before the final decision is made.

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