Brittany Kennell's "Most Wanted" Provides Peace For The Lonely-Hearted

"Love is a tough game. It can leave us feeling lonely and make us do crazy things," says the Canadian country vocalist

"Love is a tough game. It can leave us feeling lonely and make us do crazy things," says Brittany Kennell about her latest single, "Most Wanted." Insofar as the video for the track, it was shot on a family farm in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, wherein the grandparents who owned the farm even brought the Canadian country vocalist fresh banana bread during the shoot.

Kennell's rise from being the first Canadian artist to ever appear on The Voice has seen the aspiring star move to Music City. In the past five years, she's worked and performed with artists including Maren Morris, Natalie Hemby, Tenille Townes, and Carly Pearce. To the CBC, she added about working in Nashville, "There are so many amazing, cool highs and experiences [in Nashville's music scene]. Everybody wants to see you succeed [in Nashville] It's not like L.A. and New York — it's a little easier to dream there."

Continuing regarding her new clip, the vocalist behind other singles, including "You Don't Get Me Stoned" and "Bought The T-shirt," recalls that the day of the video shoot was not just the hottest day of the summer, but also that two out of four team members were stung by bees. She also added, "It’s always amazing to see Charles William De Melo’s music videos come together. He always has an incredible vision. [And even though] our poor videographer shot with one swollen eye the whole time, he [still] made magic happen!"

In final, Kennell offers, "This video represents the longing somebody feels when they are left blindsided, and that [feeling of] loneliness. We all have that one person that got away, and it’s painful, but in the end, is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"

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