Scotty McCreery and Co-writers Celebrate “This Is It” in Nashville

Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis Share Honors for McCreery's Second Chart-topper

“It’s easy to write love songs about you,” Scotty McCreery told his wife, Gabi, who stood near the stage in Nashville’s ASCAP building Wednesday afternoon (March 20) applauding her husband and the co-writers of his second No. 1 single, “This Is It.”

The song, which McCreery wrote with Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers, chronicles the couple’s romantic relationship and McCreery’s mountaintop proposal. Both co-writers were on hand to share the spotlight.

Eshuis and Rogers co-produced the song with Derek Wells, who was not present. To make sure he enjoyed the credit, though, Rogers called him from the stage, held up his phone and asked the crowd to shout out “We love you, Derek!” which it dutifully did.

The celebration was jointly sponsored by ASCAP and BMI, the two major performance rights organizations. Eshuis and Rogers are ASCAP affiliates; McCreery is signed to BMI.

While waiting for the writers to take the stage, the partygoers feasted on Mexican-themed delicacies arrayed on a large round table that sat within a few steps of the bar, which was kept busy dispensing wine, beer and soft drinks.

ASCAP’s Evyn Mustoe noted that “This Is It” is Eshuis’ first No. 1, both as a writer and producer, and that it’s Rogers’ sixth as a writer and 41st as producer. In addition, she said, Rogers has had more than 100 of his songs recorded.

Among Rogers’ many other achievements was co-writing McCreery’s first No. 1, “Five More Minutes.”

Speaking on behalf of BMI, MaryAnn Keen pointed out that apart from having scored two No. 1s, McCreery has sold more than three million albums as well.

Kevin Herring, head of promotions for Triple Tigers Records, McCreery’s label, said that the mark of a great song isn’t just how high it goes on the charts but how long it stays on top. “This Is It” climbed to No. 1 in February and this week is still at No. 7 on Billboard’s country airplay rankings.

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