Sara Evans on Singing With Her Daughter

New Single Is “Such a Special Moment”

I remember right when Sara Evans' daughter Olivia was born. I was just getting started in the country music news business, so I made it my job to know everything going on in the stars' lives.

(Her birthday also stood out to me because it fell between two of my favorite Evans' songs: "I Keep Looking" and "Backseat of a Greyhound Bus.")

In some ways, it seems like yesterday when the world was welcoming Baby Olivia. But it was actually more than 14 years ago, so now, Evans' fans will be welcoming Teenage Olivia.

You can hear grown-up Olivia singing background vocals on her mother's brand new single, "Marquee Sign."

"Having Olivia sing on 'Marquee Sign' is such a special moment for me, not only as a mom but also as a fan. I was so impressed when she went in the vocal booth and started singing these really cool parts and ad-libs at the end of the song," Evans said in announcing the single.

"My fans have watched her grow up on the road with me," she said, "and I can't wait for them to hear her on this song."

"Marquee Sign," written by Evans, Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan, will be on her next album Words, which will be released July 21.

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