Chris Young and the Muscle Cars That Built Him

From the Camaro to the Challenger

One of the stars of Chris Young’s new “I’m Comin’ Over” video is a Dodge Challenger.

His Dodge Challenger.

Young wanted to use his own car in the video because is -- and always has been -- “a muscle-car guy.”

“My first car -- when I was in high school -- was a twice-wrecked 1989 Chevy Camaro,” Young told me when he was in Chicago earlier this month. “I wanted that particular model because it was boxy, but I only had so much to spend on it.”

So this fixer-upper Camaro was one of the only ones to fit the bill.

“It was two different colors of white, and then it had one electric blue right front fender. But my dad and I went and found a parts car that had a perfect body -- but no engine and no transmission -- for about $300,” he said. “And we just started swapping parts back and forth to get my car right. We worked on that first car a lot.”

(He added that that’s where the idea for one of his older songs, “Flashlight,” came from. “I had to call my dad,” he said, “when we were writing that and be like, ‘Would you use a 9/16th on a Chevy? Yeah. I thought so. Love you. Bye.’”)

After fixing up that first car, Young did some time in a pickup truck. But only because he was doing some HVAC work and his boss offered it to him for $1,000.

But the Challenger in the new video is more his style. And yet, he admitted it’s really not even the same car it was when he first bought it.

“Now it’s faster than an SRT, technically. We’ve definitely done some things,” Young said. “It has custom headers, the intake and exhaust are all different. And, plus, we supercharged it."

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