And the Husband of the Year Goes to Kix Brooks

His Love Letter to the World's Sexiest Roadie

People always say that marriage is hard work. But Kix Brooks is making it sound pretty damn effortless.

In an anniversary post to his wife Barbara, Brooks tells the story of the night before his wedding and the 38 years since.

"38 years later still married to the world's sexiest roadie," Brooks wrote. "We went to my bachelor party together -- kissed goodnight -- at which point I continued to party 'til the sun came up -- went water skiing at daylight and promptly ran out of gas -- some poor dude trying to catch a fish towed me to a friend's camp where I passed out 'til I woke up and said 'damn, I’ve got to go get married' -- I slid in sideways to my favorite spot looking over a swamp called Bistineau and met the prettiest girl I’d ever seen to say I will for the rest of my life -- takes a special woman to put up with a knucklehead like me," Brooks said. "I love you Barbara -- Happy Anniversary!!"

According to her Twitter bio, Mrs. Brooks is crazy about her husband and children (even her son who is not on Twitter), and that she is seriously addicted to showing cutting horses.

On Instagram, she shares her own story of how Brooks fell into her life: "In 1979, living in Maine, I met a wonderful, crazy man from Louisiana and we made a Life. Cap intended cuz Kix Brooks doesn't do anything small."

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