Sugarland Share a Song to Lean On

"Music Can Do Things That Nothing Else Can"

Having a rough morning? Because same.

The point is, we all suffer a little. Some of us suffer a lot. But the silver lining of that cloud, as Sugarland's Kristian Bush put it, is that you are never alone in that.

"Life goes up and down. It is inevitable. When it gets bad, please remember you are not alone out there. @JenniferNettles and I made this @Sugarlandmusic song ('Not the Only') to help us remember this," Bush tweeted on Thursday morning (July 25), "so please lean on it when you need to.

"Music can do things that nothing else can."

I mean, right? "Not the Only" may not bring about world peace, but it can heal, it can help, it can sustain you, and it can bring joy back into your life.

Bush and Nettles have talked about the song before, when their Bigger album was released last summer. Bush recalled how the idea for the song hit him when he was waiting for Nettles outside of his hotel in New York City. "Y'all are really alone in a place that's really big," he'd said he was thinking. "I wondered, especially with the climate of 'everyone must hide,' and they feel like their feelings and their stance must be quiet so they don't ruffle feathers." And then, this song -- about tell me I am not the only one here feeling lonely and silent voices I've never heard all waiting to say the words -- was born.

The duo's next tour stop is tonight at the ilani Casino Resort in Washington.

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