Thanks, Mike Fisher, for Retiring from Retirement

And for Giving Carrie Underwood Something to Cheer About

When Mike Fisher announced his retirement from the NHL -- and Nashville's beloved Predators -- it was kind of the end of an era. But now that Fisher's had about six months to think about the end, he's going to begin again.

What he'd said last year when he made the decision was that it was the hardest decision he'd ever had to make. "I kept praying for peace about the next step in my life. A peace that said this is God's will for your future. A peace that said whether or not this was the right time to walk away," Fisher said. He shared then that there was no one game or a single aha moment, but that he gradually became certain that it was right for him to retire. "I believe God gave me the ability to play hockey, and I was helped by dozens of individuals along the way, so it's not just up to me on when it's time to say goodbye.

"A thank you here isn't enough to say goodbye with, but all those memories, like the moments in the locker room before Game 6, cherishing those is what I hope will keep me, this team and the city intertwined forever."

And intertwined they shall remain.

The NHL announced on Wednesday (Jan. 31) that Fisher has left retirement behind and is coming back to the Preds to play again.

At a press conference inside the Bridgestone Arena, Fisher took to the ice to rejoin the club he took to the Stanley Cup playoffs. According to, Fisher hopes to sign the contract before the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

Which would mean that by the time the official 2018 hockey season starts, Carrie Underwood will be back in the bleachers cheering on Fisher.

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood on VEVO.

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