Dolly Parton Reveals Why She Would Never Be A Judge On A Competition Show: “I Get Offers All The Time”

Dolly Parton wants to launch her own TV Network with scheduled programming and movies.

As Dolly Parton makes her highly anticipated Rock & Roll album, she has channeled her energy into several philanthropic projects, her bakeware line, and even joined forces with world-renowned author James Patterson

Although it’s rare for Parton to refuse an opportunity, she told Taste of Country that she frequently turns down being a judge on hit competition shows like “The Voice” or “American Idol.”

“I get asked every season to be on,” Parton shared with the publication. “I really have trouble judging people. I would have a lot of trouble telling them yes or no – especially no,” she added.

In true Parton fashion, she’s happy to lend a helping hand. The only way entertainment executives could win over the legend, is if she serves as a mentor or coach.

“Sometimes I will [be on] as a mentor or something like that. But yeah, I get offers all the time,” she pointed out.

Parton mentioned that she’s always flattered when contestants tackle one of her songs. Although she enjoys watching, she dislikes when an aspiring musician gets sent home.

“I love the fact that a lot of them do use different songs like ‘I Will Always Love You,’ ‘Jolene,’ or ‘9 to 5.’ I hear a lot of my songs on there,” she explained. “That’s a great treat. I just always hate to see them lose, even though I’m very proud of the ones that win, and they deserve it because the public [votes] on that. But I just feel their little hearts. I hate it when they don’t win.”

In 2015, Parton appeared on NBC’s “The Voice.” During the special episode, the songstress offered advice to the semi-finalists and performed her autobiographical hit, “Coat of Many Colors.” Recently, family trio Chapel Hart captured Parton’s attention on “America’s Got Talent” when they delivered “You Can Have Him Jolene.” The modernized take on Parton’s 1974 classic “Jolene” scored the budding musicians the golden buzzer, an invitation to the Grand Ole Opry, a Parton’s nod of approval.

“What a fun new take on my song, @ChapelHartBand! Carl’s birthday is today, so I think I’ll hang on to him, and I’m not notifying Jolene that today is his birthday 😉#AGR,” Parton wrote on Twitter following the performance.

Parton exclusively told the outlet that she hopes to create a singing competition one day with a positive angle on her own network. She would like to keep every competitor safe in the battle.

“I probably will do something like [‘American Idol’ or ‘The Voice’] in the future,” confessed the hitmaker. “I’m starting my own network. And so I’ll probably be doing different things at different times, and maybe create a show where it could be positive. Although those are fantastic shows, I love watching it. I would just have trouble being a judge of somebody’s talent.”

The genre-bending artist did not say when her network would launch, but confirmed with Forbes that it would include a handful of “movies” and “other programming.”

“Well, I’m actually hoping to start my own network,” said Parton. “That’s something that is coming up. I’m writing a cookbook with my sister Rachel, and doing a movie based on the novel that I wrote with James Patterson called ‘Run, Rose, Run.’ We’re doing that this summer, so there’s a whole lot of good things that I want to do, but I guess the network would be one of the things that I have not dabbled in of my own. I never know! I wake up with new dreams everyday.”

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