CMT Premiere: Ben Gallaher Recruits Lone Star Icon Boots O'Neal For "Still A Few Cowboys Left" Music Video

Ben Gallaher: "The 'Still a Few Cowboys Left' music video represents the spirit of a true cowboy. This way of life is portrayed as a metaphor to highlight the character and values of a hardworking, loyal individual."

Pennsylvania native Ben Gallaher might not be a physical cowboy, but he's one at heart. 

The self-taught artist has been chasing his music dream for nearly two decades, displaying his goal-oriented work ethic, integrity, and respect for the honky tonk genre. Gallaher's core characteristics are similar to a cowboy's. In his recent country-rock anthem, "Still A Few Cowboys Left," Gallaher pays homage to the classic cowboy state of mind. 

The fast-rising newcomer co-wrote the lyrics alongside critically acclaimed songwriters Neil Thrasher and Tony Martin. While the thought-proving narrative articulates the fundamental values of a timeless folk, it also serves as a reminder to women that there are still men with a good head on their shoulders out in the world.

"Sounds like eighteen eighty-nine |Listening to the coyote cry |  Somewhere under that moon tonight | There's still a few cowboys left | For all the strays that ain't been roped | All the broncs that ain't been broke | For all the west that ain't been won yet | There's still a few cowboys left," sings Gallaher with grit in his voice. "There's still a few girls out there that want one |  That dirt on his neck rough edges and all | Sometimes hard to love but he won't run| That bottle by the bed, whiskey on his breath, boots on the floor and hat hanging on the wall."

The mid-tempo melody not only shines a light on Gallaher's edgy vocal range, but also emphasizes his storytelling soul. The Neil and Patrick Thrasher-produced track is stacked with electrifying guitar sections and percussion.

To bring the underlining messages to the forefront, Gallaher turned to video producer Jake LaGrone and director Bobby Wolff to cultivate the music video. The state-of-the-art clip features Lone Star legend Boots O'Neal, a seasoned cowboy who has been riding horseback since 1946. Although O'Neal is 89-years-old, he still drags calves on his ranch and doesn't shy away from getting mudding in the field.

As Gallaher lures listeners in with his infectious sound and captivating storyline, Wolff captures O'Neal doing what he does best on his picturesque ranch. While Gallaher plucks at his guitar strings in the middle of dusty stables, O'Neal is seen sharing his wisdom and expertise with a young cowboy. 

The vocalist believes that the cinematic clip brings the overall meaning to new heights. 

"The "Still a Few Cowboys Left" music video represents the spirit of a true cowboy," Gallaher exclusively told CMT. "This way of life is portrayed as a metaphor to highlight the character and values of a hardworking, loyal individual. This embodies the true message of the song." 

The promising new artist continued to reflect on his favorite memory while filming, which was getting to build a personal relationship with the legend. 

"One of my favorite memories from the day of filming was playing "Still a Few Cowboys Left" acoustic for Boots O'Neal on his front porch at the ranch," the singer-songwriter explained. "We got a chance to hang and talk about music, life, God, and the cowboy way of living."

He said that filming with O'Neal was a "blast," but watching his vision come to life in the final edit was a "surreal" experience. The Stone Country Records artist hopes fans look inwards and tries to find their own cowboy qualities.

"I believe we all have a little cowboy in us. In the literal sense, I'm not a cowboy- but figuratively speaking -I have a lot of cowboy in me," he explained. "To me, what makes a cowboy is not the way you look or the place you live, but the type of person you are. It's the direction you are headed--grit, integrity, and character. It's getting knocked off and getting back on again." 

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