Brett Eldredge Figured Out "How to be Me"

He Is OK with Oversharing

Every one uses social media differently, but I feel like Brett Eldredge just summed up the method to his own madness perfectly.

"It's kind of like your own TV show traveling with you all the time," Eldredge told Billboard. "I think to be able to have an outlet to be able to show more than just your music, to be able to show you're just a regular person like everybody else that likes to goof off and have fun ... I probably share too much. I just don't really hide anything on there. It's just a part of my life now, and I bring everybody along for the ride with me -- and I'm really grateful people joined along.

"I figured out how to be me on there, and if that makes me good on social media then I guess I'll take it."

Connecting with fans is the coolest thing, he says, because his fans let him be very open. "That's a special feeling when you know they got your back like that," he says.

That kind of thinking is what put Eldredge on the list of nominees for the CMT Music Awards social superstar. He is up against Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Kelsea Ballerini, Jake Owen and Lauren Alaina, and his attitude is "May the best social star win."

Eldredge plans to keep on sharing on the socials when it comes time to promote his upcoming self-titled album, due out August 4.

"I start singing the songs a cappella, I'll preview it on my Snapchat and get creative with it -- just kind of bringing everybody into more than just listening to the record. I want you to hear pieces of it before it comes out and I'll be sneaking little hints. I can't keep secrets for crap," he said.

His latest song "Somethin' I'm Good At" is about embracing your imperfections and the all-over-the-place kind of life that Eldredge is living.

You can vote for the social superstar via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CMTawards with the artist's tag, #VoteBrett, #VoteJake, #VoteKeith, #VoteKelsea, #VoteLauren or #VoteThomas. You can vote 10 times per valid Twitter or Instagram handle per day through June 6, then 50 votes per handle on June 7.

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