Eric Church’s Baby Boy: The Name Breakdown

Part Fighter Pilot, Part Don Williams Song

Eric Church’s second son, Tennessee Hawkins Church -- little brother to Boone McCoy Church -- is 3 months old now, but his name is going to be the coolest about six years from now.

During a recent interview on the syndicated Country Countdown USA radio show, the singer-songwriter talked about where the littlest Church's name came from.

“Hawk was just something that kind of came to me,” Church explained. “We have a bunch of property out west of town, and I was out there one day, and honestly saw a hawk, as weird as that is, and I called my wife, and said, ‘Have you thought about Hawk?’”

He added that if he imagined himself at 6 years old, “Hawk” would be a very cool if name to have.

“It’s like a Top Gun fighter pilot,” he said of the boy’s nickname.

As for the first name Tennessee, Church says that comes from two places.

“I love Tennessee Williams, but also one of my favorite songs was by Don Williams, ‘Good Old Boys Like Me,’” he said. “It’s got that line in it -- ‘Hank and Tennessee.’ It’s one of my favorite songs," he said of the 1980 hit song that included the lyric, “I can still hear the soft Southern winds in the live oak trees/And those Williams boys they still mean a lot to me -- Hank and Tennessee."

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