OFFSTAGE: 10 Possible Brad Paisley Plots on 'Nashville'

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Brad Paisley is going to make a guest appearance on the May 22 episode of Nashville, according to Extra. And we know it will be the show's season finale and that he will portray himself and perform with Rayna and Deacon. But we have no idea what that episode will be about. So, let's brainstorm some plot ideas, shall we? Here are 10 plot twists that would be interesting to watch:

1. Paisley officiates at Rayna and Deacon's inevitable wedding.

2. Rayna's record label files for Chapter 11 after Scarlett's singles fail to chart, so Paisley bails her out.

3. Teddy's homewrecker girlfriend Peggy (Paisley's real life wife) tires of his mayoral ways and sets her sights on Paisley.

4. Deacon's vet girlfriend overcomes her hatred of country music and becomes Paisley's biggest superfan.

5. Paisley abandons his record deal and gets a job playing lead guitar in the house band at a local club.

6. Juliette wants to go Hollywood, so she befriends Paisley in order to get to know his actress wife.

7. Teddy and Peggy get married, then sign up for an episode of Wife Swap with Paisley and his made-for-TV wife.

8. Rayna's daughters want Paisley to produce their debut album, and Rayna becomes the cliche stage mom in Paisley's studio.

9. Gunnar and Will are at odds over Scarlett's love, and the only therapy that works for them is hearing Paisley play.

10. Scarlett leaves Gunnar because she has fallen in love with Paisley, and she tries to romance him with her songbird voice, her strong country lovin' and her Southern cookin'.

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