'Party Down South' Behind the Scenes: 'It's Not a Dream, It's a Vision'

Walt, Like Walt Disney

In the recent episode of Party Down South Daddy has a vision, Walt performs a miracle and Martha comes back from the dead after Mattie has a few two many than she intended.

As for Daddy's vision, he predicts Walt bringing two girls home very soon. This leaves Walt very skeptical. Also, let's not forget how Lyle has decided to propose to Santana! Little does she know, he's planning a major event.

So, let's get answers to the questions you may, or may not have had, straight from creator SallyAnn Salsano herself.


When did Lyle decide he was going to propose? Did he really get the idea at work when he found out about the sunset cruise?

A month ago? Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow? Lyle's head was all over the place leading up to that decision and keeping up with how his brain spins is a 24 hour a day job.

After Mattie decides to take a break from partying, everyone goes out as usual. How did Mattie keep herself entertained at the house?

What every normal girl does: play with goats. Haha. But she was also eating a lot healthier so she prepped her lunch for the next day and like a good girl, checked in with her nana back home.

What the heck was Tiffany making for her "fourth meal" after coming home from the bars? She called it "good good." Looked like chicken chow mein... but I'm sure I'm totally off.

Oh, you mean the self-proclaimed Chef Tiffany, as she was calling herself? You were half right. It was chicken and gravy. Chef tiffany reheated enough to feed a whole platoon which was just enough for the roomies.

And then there's, what I call, "the case of the missing boyfriend" at the end of the episode. The girl Walt brings home clearly has a boyfriend because she told Lauren this earlier at the bar.

But, what happened to this so-called boyfriend between hanging out at the bar and her going to the house? Where'd he go? What's the real story on him? I'm dying to know.

In full disclosure, we have zero idea and have the same question. From what we could tell at the time and from the tapes, he eventually just disappeared. An educated guess would be that once the boyfriend saw his girl hitting it off with Walt, it wasn't the first time she had done this and he couldn't take it anymore and bounced. Just guessing...

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