Recap: 'Party Down South 2: Three's a Crowd' and 'In and Out of Love'

Booze Cruisin'

The party gods were listening and granted a double helping of Party Down South 2. In the recent back-to-back episodes, Three's a Crowd and In and Out of Love, there was love, and there was loss. Karynda finds herself in the midst of a love triangle and Duke's game is ruined by Ashton. Creator SallyAnn Salano serves up the inside scoop.

Three's a Crowd

Any moments funny moments from girls-night-in we didn't see?

We're fairly sure these girls lost their minds in a good way that night. They tried to plan a prank...key word here is tried. They messsed with front door so when the guys came back they tripped over a bunch of cups but ended up sabotaging themselves because they forgot they booby trapped the door. Whoops!

We finally meet Karynda's work crushes, Joe and Ray. Which guy had better game in your opinion?

Hard to say which had better game but i will say they were totally different. Joe just went for it and was able to steal a few kisses before whatever came out of his mouth could ruin his chances. Ray went the nice guy route and, as is usually the case with nice guys, it didn't net any results this night :) In the next couple of weeks, you'll see who wins out.

How long did Tommy and Karynda spend sleeping in the cab after that night out?

So long we almost forgot about them! Not kidding! There was so much other stuff going on in the house, a couple of hours passed and we checked in with the producer keeping an eye on them who said, "I thought you forgot about us." That was a hefty cab bill!

Did Raven have any crushes at work now that she's officially single?

Raven isn't the crush type and as you can tell, acts more like the man in the relationship. But, she is one of the biggest flirts I've ever met. As soon as this girl walks in anywhere, her flirt radar goes off and gets to chatting with whoever she wants. I'm so jealous, I have no game.

To say it gets uncomfortable would be an understatement. It's great [entertainment], we can all relate, and we have all been there before.

In and Out of Love

The guys seem to play pool every time they go to the bars. Who's better at the game and who's the worst?

Bradley is by far the best because he always seems to initiate it. Also, not sure if you've ever noticed (sarcasm) but Bradley is a little competitive and takes every game very very seriously. He hates to lose so he's probably the best. The girls are...not good. As for the rest of the guys, they are all pretty even but only because they don't take the game too seriously.

We saw the family get wild on the booze cruise. Anything we didn't see that was too wild?

I think everyone on the crew had flashbacks to their spring break days on this cruise. There was for sure a lot of boob flashing and people making out all over that boat. Hunter kicked it off with the body shots and everyone on the boat just followed his lead. We aren't "girls gone wild" so sorry gang, no shots of girls flashing.

As far as Karynda, there was a short window when we had to step in to make sure she didn't jump off the side. But by the end, the biggest struggle was her holding herself up cause of the waves. She went too hard too fast and took a couple of spills. Luckily, there were plenty of spring breakers to help break her falls and her roommates were able to help her down the stairs.

Can you tell us more about how Hunter courted Kelsie? Any classic smooth moves he used?

It was actually pretty sweet. Hunter played it smart and did the classic slow burn for almost two weeks. In the beginning, he would kind of tip his toe in the water and take her temperature about him. As each day passed, he'd lay it on a little thicker and thicker. He, for sure, didn't rush into it.

That said, if he had laid it on thicker earlier, from a woman's perspective, I think Kelsie was crushing on him from the get go. But relationships that start in a house like this can be tricky. It's not all wine and roses for these two coming up.

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