'Nashville': The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 7

Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound

Jealousy shows its true colors in the latest episode of Nashville.

Check out the episode's biggest moments:

Band Together

Alannah shows her loyalty to the band when she doesn't take an interview without the whole band being there.

Spoken Word

Jake shows off his rapping skills during the open house which causes more tension between him and his dad.

Where's Juliette?

Avery and Cadence wait for Juliette to get off the plane in Nashville, but she never got on it in Bolivia.

Gunnar's Jealousy

Alannah lays down the law with Gunnar on the status of their relationship.

Mushroom Trip

Twig shows Maddie his vulnerable side after he gives into peer pressure.

Deacon and Jake Bond

Jake's shaky relationship with his father creates a bond between Deacon and Jake.

Twig's Jealousy

Is Twig developing feelings for Maddie? Looks like it.

Bolivia Bound

Despite Avery's efforts to take Juliette back to Nashville with him, she insists the movement is good for her and stays in Bolivia.

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