Carrie Underwood's Message to Her Younger Self

Someone Else's Vision Is Not for Her

If Carrie Underwood could write a letter to herself -- her younger self -- she knows exactly what she would write.

"I wish I could go back and tell my younger self what I know now -- that trying to fit into someone else's vision of you will never make you happy," Underwood told

When Underwood was younger, she said, she worried about what people thought about her.

"Now I focus on the goals I set for myself and try my best to do what's right for me," she added.

And that's no easy feat, because she's a celebrity who is under scrutiny from just about everyone.

"Sometimes I feel pressure as someone in the spotlight to do things the 'right way,'" she said. "When it comes to fitness, everyone has an opinion or comment.

"I just try to remember I am doing my best and what works for me, and hopefully that resonates with people."

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