Miranda Lambert Gets Text From Reese Witherspoon

A New Brand of Latin Country Ensues for Movie Music

When Reese Witherspoon texted Miranda Lambert, she wanted a song that was simultaneously Southern and Latin.

Now, Lambert already had plenty of the Southern. But this combination in “Two of a Crime” is a new one for her.

“Reese texted me and told me about the movie and wanted me to write something or sing or both,” Lambert said in a press release. “I got inspired. I love Reese and Sofia (Vergara). It was a bit of a Thelma & Louise theme, and that’s totally up my alley.”

Lyrics include textbook Lambert sass (“If looks could kill, we’d be doing time”), some sexy imagery (“Red rosé on painted lips/Puttin’ on Chanel/Packing Parliaments”) and even a standard-issue shout-out to tequila.

The song, which Lambert wrote with Natalie Hemby and Nicolle Galyon, will be in the Witherspoon/Vergara movie, Hot Pursuit, coming to theaters on May 8.

“It is really so fun to be part of it,” Lambert said. “It was the first time I wrote a song specifically for a movie, so it was a different experience for me.”

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