For Kacey Musgraves, Another's Crime May Eventually Pay

Is This Where Country Songs Come From?

All Kacey Musgraves wanted to do on Monday night (Jan. 4) was see a Western swing band. But what she ended up with, though, was a brand new idea for a country song.

While she was inside Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley to see the Time Jumpers, someone was breaking into her car and stealing her boots. Possibly a few other items, as well.

She wrote a few tweets about the crime early on Tuesday morning. It sounds like the thief took her Lucchese cowboy boots and a pair of Charlotte Olympia boots. (What she didn't say is if the Luccheses were from her own line, the Gallops, the Monterreys or the Golden Arrows.)

But with her when-life-gives-you-lemons attitude, Musgraves promised she'd turn this crime into a country song.

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