WORLD PREMIERE: Trace Adkins Is "Better Off" Now

What He Told Us About Filming Right Before the Tornados Touched Down

It's been a while since Trace Adkins' voice has came through loud and clear in a music video. But he is back in the saddle again -- doing what he does best -- for his brand new seductive single "Better Off." The song came from the pens of prolific country songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Corey Crowder and Liz Rose, and Mike Stryker was recruited to direct the video.

We had the chance to ask Adkins about being "Better Off," and here's what he had to say. What do you remember most about night you shot the video?

Adkins: I loved the venue. It's an old slaughterhouse in north Nashville that has been repurposed as a video and photo shoot location. The night shot from the top of the roof, looking back towards the Nashville skyline, was beautiful. The video was actually filmed the night the tornado came through Nashville. It’s a bit surreal to think they touched down a few hours later, just a few blocks from where we were.

And how do you think the video brings the song to life?

I wanted to do a performance-style video where I could use my band, so we started there. We could have gone in a few directions with this song, but I wanted to be cognizant of keeping the video sexy but classy. I have worked with the director, Mike Stryker, on a few different projects and enjoy his directing style. Mike suggested using the dancers to add some elegance. The fact that the dancers also happen to be a couple added authenticity to their scenes.

Is there a message you hope your fans take away from watching the story unfold?

That sometimes you’re "Better Off" staying in!

When the video was finished, how did it feel to see how it turned out?

It’s incredible to see the video process in its entirety. While filming, you are being told by the director to “stand here" or “walk to here.” I don’t really have a good feel for what it will look like until I start getting edits of the video. When I received the first edit, I knew we had captured the feeling I wanted to convey.

"Better Off" is Adkins' first release on his new label home, Verge Records. “I am excited about my merge with Verge. My desire to create and release new music is as strong now as when I first started,” Adkins shared in a press release. His debut album Dreamin' Out Loud was released in 1996, so that's 24 years of making country music he's passionate about.

Adkins’ new tour The Way I Wanna Go is scheduled to start on April 15 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and will run through mid-September.

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