Behind Lee Brice's New "Boy"

Expecting a Girl While Singing About a Familiar Topic

Even though Lee Brice and his wife are expecting a little girl, he says now's the right time for this "Boy."

On Tuesday afternoon (April 11), Brice revealed a little bit of his new song and a little bit of his thinking on the tune.

"The first thing I saw when I heard this song was me and my daddy. And right after that, I saw my little boys. It's just a simple song called 'Boy,'" Brice says on the video he posted on Twitter.

"I realized that 'Boy' just had this kind of no-brainer, as soon as you hear the first word, you're in. On top of that, I could mean every word I say every time I sing it. I've got two boys at home and, it's kind of ironic, I've got a girl on the way," he says, adding that still, right now is the right time for this song.

The few seconds he plays - "Boy, you're going nowhere at all/Thinkin' you're 10 feet tall, you run like you're bullet proof" -- feel less polished than his last few hit songs. And he says that that was exactly what he was going for.

"I wanted to get more of a live feeling," he said. "Not perfected. Players just playing. I already played this song live one time, with one microphone, and kind of thought I found some magic.

"So I just wanted to be able to get close to that magic."

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