Maren Morris Is Rich with Unlikely Nouns

Calls Her New Song “Air-Tight”

One of the things Maren Morris seems to love about her new song “Rich” is that it it has a way with words that you don’t usually hear in a country song. Words like Prada, Benz, and the Mandarin.

“You don’t hear a ton of Prada and, you know, talking of yachts,” Morris told Billboard Country Update.

“That’s not at the forefront of country nouns to grab at," she admitted, "but I think the structure of the song is really country. The rhyme scheme and the structure of the chorus and the way it’s set up, I think it is very air-tight.”

And even though nouns like that might not make the song seem like a traditional country one, Morris says what makes it seem country to her is its nearly perfect poetry.

“I just always loved those classic country songs that had perfect vernacular, that had the perfect amount of syllables in each line. That’s a really hard thing to attain,” she explained.

Morris wrote the song with Jessie Jo Dillon and Laura Veltz, and the session was obviously a good one. “Friday co-writes are always fun. It’s about to be the weekend, and you don’t really want to write a sad song," she said.

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