CMT Premiere: Charly Reynolds Lassos Rhinestone Fringe, Clever Lyrics and Happy Vibes in "Rodeo"

Charly Reynolds: "I hope fans take away my genuine love for being happy and positive in my music, my content, all that!”

Charly Reynolds is harnessing the positive, and she hopes her happy vibes are contagious in her new song and video “Rodeo,” which CMT debuted today.

The clip shows Reynolds in various scenes ranging from a bar to a barn as she sings that she’s ready to have fun but that this “ain’t my first rodeo.” In other words, she’s too smart to be manipulated or taken advantage of. However, she wraps the message in a big smile, bubblegum pink and rhinestone fringe.

“I hope fans take away my genuine love for being happy and positive in my music, my content, all that!” Reynolds said. “There are a million sad songs that we can relate to. Trust me; I definitely have mine. But ‘Rodeo’ resembles the flirty, fun, exciting part of life, and I’m so proud that we were able to capture that! I want ‘Rodeo’ to be the song blasting in the car with the windows down or listening to on the way to a concert, a bar, pool day, or any occasion to get everyone going and excited!”

Reynolds wrote the song alongside Nicole Croteau and Sean Cook. Cook also produced the song. Stormlight Pictures produced the video, which Logen Christopher and Michael Beckham directed.

“The fun we honestly had completely shines through in the video in a way I never expected!” Reynolds said. “The Stormlight film crew and friends who took part made the day such a breeze! Once the sun settled, we got to experience the golden hour sunset at the Country Rebel Ranch and after that is when we really started to have a great time. I’m so glad those feelings are portrayed in the video!”

The singer/songwriter said some of her favorite memories of the day happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

“One hilarious memory that sticks out was with the goats at the farm,” she said. “Kevin, one of the owners of Country Rebel, mentioned if you plank yourself on the ground, the goats will climb up on your back! So, sure enough, after we wrapped the video, a few of us still in our outfits planked on the ground while goat feed was placed on our backs to get the goats to jump up. We got some super funny shots of all of that happening until one of the goats completely stomped on my head and hat. We thought that was so funny! Moments after, the cast, Stormlight Pictures crew, and folks at Country Rebel shared dinner in the main house, took a celebratory shot, and listened to some 90’s country music! A great way to end a great shoot.”

Reynolds couldn’t be more pleased with the way the video turned out.

“I was blown away with the quality and style of direction the Stormlight pictures team presented,” she said. “I cannot be any more happy with the way it’s turned out.”

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